PC Paging

Click to see large picture Since the majority of calls send by the manager are made via the desktop PC, powerful, ease-of-use and least operator is crucial in maintaining the communications necessary to ensure efficiency and high levels of paging service.
  • High-end Windows based, support 95/98/2K/XP
  • Multi-User on LAN, no license limit
  • GSM/CDMA/PHS SMS (Short Message Service)
  • Quick numbers and words
  • Group paging and Multi user paging
  • Auto header and tail word
  • Direct SMS to mobile phone without binding(Optional)
  • History message repaging or resend to other
  • Cell Phone SMS

    Mobile phone The paging system uses Fargo Maestro 20 to send short message to GSM/CDMA/PHS mobile phone. It is an external Industrial dual band GSM modem in 900/1800 MHz. In paging system, GSM/CDMA/PHA phone number can be bind to the pager number. The message to the pager can be sent to the pager only, or mobile phone only, or both.
  • The mobile phone can be used to receive the short message while the real number is protected
  • The group paging support the pagers, mobile phones, and combination of both
  • The short message can be used in PC Paging, Telephone Paging, Emergency Services, and Alarm Paging, etc.

    Telephone Paging (PABX Paging)

    Telephone Paging Use any standard extention/ telephone to send alphanumeric messages to pagers, cellular phones. All you do is pick up the phone, dial the paging system and follow the voice prompts. Your message is sent instantly, by the paging system, to the required pager and cell phone.
  • Voice-Prompted PABX interface, Chinese, English or both
  • Group paging and Multi user paging
  • Send a numeric message, a stored alphanumeric message or a combination of both directly to a pager and cell phone
  • Call ID identify, now support Siemens, Nortel, Alcatel, Harris. CID causes least key to finish paging, and can be recorded in system.
  • Paging Server

    Paging Server The Paging Server is the kernel device of the paging system. Considering the robustness and 7 days/24 hours running, we use Industry PC as server machine, and install Windows 2000 Professional system.
  • The system software has been