Shg eCircle develops a wide range of PC paging software and wireless paging systems for public paging station since 1995. In 1999, Shg eCircle earned the contract to provide the paging system for Grand Hyatt in Shanghai Jinmao Tower, and then continued to develop other related paging software and hardware special for hotel. The staffs at Shg eCircle are proud to a part of a company that is not only one of China's faster growing technology companies, but one that develops such exciting and innovative technology.

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Wireless, Broadcasting, One way, Alpha Messaging

Motorola Scriptor LX2These functions keep the paging system very simple, no monthly fees or annual contracts, no per-minute charges, and can be self owned with a very affordable price. Although the other point-to-point voice wireless system, such as DECT / GSM / CDMA / PHS, are more and more powerful than paging system, but they are too expensive whatever build or maintain, and only few managers can carry the voice wireless terminal, what the hotel faced is lost the wireless communication of the runner.

One way and text messaging always means cheap in the wireless world, and it also means the all staff can carry pagers, allowing them to be contacted at anytime without attracting the on-going call charges normally associated with cellular and paging carriers. The paging system can be the best choice of the voice wireless system's supplement, and satisfies the communication range that can not be covered by voice wireless system, in addition, the pagers can be easy limited in company using and no private communicate charge.

Since the paging system is simply, the transfer of text messaging only needs a few device, such as paging server, transmitter, pager. And so, the time from sender to pager always can be limited in 1-3 seconds. All those devices are self-owned, has always been properly maintained.
Unlike the old numeric pagers which can only display calling number, the alpha pager accepts Chinese/English/Numeric characters as long as 240 bytes. The 90 percent of requests can be sent in very detail and need not call back.

Guest Services
RunnerThe hospitality industry is one of the fastest growing industries in China. It is the hub for both business and recreation and, as such, guest service is paramount in maintaining and expanding clientele. Now, paging system is alose used in mission-critical applications, as well as for normal operations such as locating and paging staff quickly and quietly. A hotel paging system will ensure that staff receives a written record of tasks, automatic workload distribution, automated calls from alarms and group calls directly on their pocket pagers.
Emergency Services

Emergncy ServicesThe Emergency Services consists of departments made up of volunteer and/or paid career Emergency Services personnel. Obviously, it requires a multitude of sophisticated communications equipment; of which paging is a major part.

The pagers are the ideal solution for locating a large number of mobile staff at a relatively low cost. Thanks to its group call facilities, voice-prompted telephone access and a transmitter infrastructure covered the building, it is the ideal fire alarm solution for the hotel's environment.

The problem faced by Emergency Services is being able to contact a large number of staff quickly and economically. Traditional carrier networks, such as those owned by cellular phone and wide area pager companies, are expensive to operate, one by one voice notice only, and too much transfer devices cause slow down and fallibility.

The installation of a private wide area paging system means that all fire fighters and more mobile staff can carry fire pagers; allowing them to be contacted at anytime without attracting the on-going call charges normally associated with cellular and paging carriers.

Single Unified Platform

Paging Structure Larger hotels often require the integration of numerous other electronic systems into the hotel paging system, such as Opera, fire alarms, Building Automation,and even security. The paging alarm interfaces for different systems generate a predetermined alphanumeric message to be sent to the relevant pagers. Hotel managers and engineers can be alerted via their pager to critical situations, such as VIP guest in/out, fire alarms, equipment failure or security alarms. The data communication between the computers make the alarm message can be transfered quickly, accurate without misunderstanding.

Fidelio (Opera) Certificated
Micros SystemIn 1999, Shg eCircle has developed the paging interface linked to Micros System in contact for Grand Hyatt in Shanghai Jinmao Tower. The interface gets the certificate of Neuss, Germany. By the interface, the paging system can alarm the detail information of Guest in/out, and Vip in/out also. This is the first and only paging interface certificated by Opera in China Mainland until now.
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